The lightweight 20 t fifth wheel made of spheroidal graphite cast iron.
· Imposed load: 20 000 kg
· Overall heights: 128, 150, 185, 225, 250 mm
· EC D-value rating: 200 kN

All of the fifth wheels in the SK-S 36.20 range from HOLLAND are particularly light thanks to the spheroidal graphite cast iron, and they are equipped as standard with a safety latch that allows coupling and uncoupling with one hand.

A further benefit of the safety latch is that it also gives the driver a clear visual indication of whether the locking mechanism is safely engaged or not, simply through the “up” (closed) or “down” (open) position of the lever.
Features & Benefits

Weight Reduction of up to 33 kg

Simple, One-Hand Operation

Permanently Maintenance-Free Bearings

Automatic Safety Lock

Easy Wear Adjustment

Optimised Lubrication Channels for Effective Grease Flow

Connections for Central Lubrication

Optionally Available

· with RECOLUBE® lubrication pump or with RECOSS® remote controlled safety system (monitoring and control through the tractor electronics)
· with direct / mounting angle assembly

Approved for Forced Steering



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HOLLAND Fifth Wheels

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