SAF MODUL 100 x 43/43

12 t SAF MODUL axle with compact bearings and weight-optimised double-leaf trailing arm for 22.5” tyres.
The axle is available in versions with either disc or drum brakes.

The disc brake version is equipped with the modern INTEGRAL technology, and the drum brake version with an outboard drum that permits the lining to be replaced with no need for the wheel hub unit to be dismantled.
Features & Benefits

Higher Tonnages

Thanks to the compact bearings, higher tonnages are possible.

Choice of Brakes

Available optionally with outboard drum brakes or with INTEGRAL disc brakes.

Simple Lining Replacement

No need to dismantle the wheel hub unit to replace the lining of the drum brake.

Longer Service Life of Bearings

The bearings have a longer service life, are maintenance-free, and do not have to be adjusted.

Lower Vehicle Downtime / Vehicle Failure Rates


SAF MODUL 100 x 43/43

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Brochure – 7-14 t Air Suspension System
with Disc and Drum Brake 17.5'', 19.5'' and 22.5''
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