Gear your semitrailer up for the (autonomous) future.
With SAF-HOLLAND’s Automatic Coupling System, you can automate the coupling and decoupling process right now.

All the necessary steps can be activated remotely from the driver’s cab.
Features & Benefits

Automatic Coupling

... as part of a fully autonomous semi-trailer.
Enormous potential for increasing efficiency in the haulage business.

Greater Efficiency

A considerable increase in efficiency is already possible with today’s partially autonomous vehicles. The time that can be saved per coupling process is around 2 - 5 minutes.

Improved Safety

Coupling errors and injuries can be avoided.
The risk for the driver is minimised.

Ease of Use

Easy coupling from the driver’s cab.
No need to leave the cab.

Fewer Problems with Space

Coupling and decoupling is also possible in tight spaces.

Lower susceptibility to faults

Shorter lines make faster signals possible.

High Level of Data Transfer

Communication truck-trailer via fieldbus (CAN 125 kBit/s to EtherNet 100 Mbit/s).


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