Trailer axle with electric drive for recuperation and traction assistance.
In different driving situations, this high-voltage drive module generates electrical energy that can be used to power electrical equipment in the trailer.

The stored energy can also be used to support the main drive engine of the tractor, e.g. on ascending slopes.

The SAF TRAKe can be deployed in all trailer types.
Features & Benefits

Deliveries during the Night

... in urban areas are no longer a problem.
The entire towing span complies with all legal requirements with regard to noise and emission levels.

Simple and Cost-Effective Maintenance

No need to dismantle the drive unit when removing wheel ends and wheels.

No special parts

Same wearing parts (brakes, brake discs) as non-driven axles.

Improved safety

Additional traction on ascending slopes and unpaved roads.

Reduction of Fuel Consumption

... and Emission Levels of the Truck-Trailer-Combination.
The operating level of the main drive engine of the tractor is optimised thanks to the traction assistance.

No Competence Problems with Interfaces

SAF-HOLLAND offers a perfectly attuned complete system.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Electric Operation

Additional components in the trailer, such as the cooling system, heating systems, pumps, tail lifts, etc. can be operated electrically.


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